With the treatment of epilepsy, most dogs have far more good days than bad ones. Enjoy all those good days. Epilepsy is a serious disease, but don't let that keep you from enjoying the time you have with your pet.

My mission, like yours, is to help your epileptic pet live a long, happy and healthy life, while helping you deal with everyday issues. Dogs can't talk, which can make it difficult to let us know where it hurts or how they are feeling. It is our duty to be their advocate. Over the past 9 years I have learned valuable information while caring for our severely epileptic Golden Retriever - Hansen. I would like to share this valuable information with the hope it will help your canine family member live longer.

If you have witnessed your dog having a seizure, you will know how frightening it can be. Seizures are not uncommon in dogs, but many dogs have only a single seizure. If your dog has had more than one seizure it may be that he (she) is epileptic. Just as in people, there are medications for dogs that control seizures, allowing your dog to live a more normal life. Good nutrition and supplements greatly improved Hansen life. After suffering liver failure I began a holistic approach in addition to his prescription medication. It was then that I began to see results and Hansen seemed to embrace my efforts.

I am not a medical professional nor do I intend to provide any medical advice to anyone. Please see your local veterinarian or neurologist if you have any health care concerns with your pet. more
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